Jonas Jürß (Juerss, /jʏʀs/)

Hi, I’m Jonas. I’m originally from Germany where I received my BSc in Informatics from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) before coming to the University of Cambridge to pursue the MPhil in Advanced Computer Science under the supervision of Pietro Liò.

Currently, I am working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Cambridge Consultants. My research interests are broadly in the fields of Explainability and Graph Neural Networks (independently as well as in combination). However, the underlying motivation of understanding how machine learning models work stretches pretty much across all fields, so feel free to about anything that interests you.


Recursive Algorithmic Reasoning
Jonas Jürß, Dulhan Jayalath, and Petar Veličković
Spotlight: In Proceedings of the Second Learning on Graphs Conference (LoG), PMLR 231, 2023
Everybody Needs a Little HELP: Explaining Graphs via Hierarchical Concepts
Jonas Jürß, Lucie Charlotte Magister, Pietro Barbiero, Pietro Liò, and Nikola Simidjievski
In NeurIPS Workshop: New Frontiers in Graph Learning, 2023
Recursive Reasoning with Neural Networks
Jonas Jürß and Dulhan Jayalath
In The First Tiny Papers Track at ICLR, 2023
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